Today in this French in Bordeaux article we are going to talk about French culture and more precisely the 21st of June, which is a special day in France. This is what we call La fĂȘte de la musique.


This celebration was created in 1981 by the minister of culture, Jack Lang, and the first one occurred on the 21st of June 1982. This day marks the beginning of summer thanks to this party but mainly because this is the first day of summer.


French culture : But how do French people celebrate this party ?


It is simple! Usually in each city you can find a celebration. There are a lot of musicians, DJ that go outside and play music for everybody to party on the street. It is a good way to start the summer, to celebrate with friends and family during the longest days of the year where the weather is usually really good.


During these parties we usually eat sandwiches, french fries, barbecues and this kind of food we eat during summer and the holidays.


It has been created to celebrate the arts and especially music and it gives the opportunity for many musicians and singers to be able to show their arts to the people so this is really important for us.

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