This program has been created for non-French speaking people who has

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=”B45B93″]never[/dt_highlight][dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]studied French before.[/dt_highlight] This 2 weeks program aims at learning the basics of the

French language quickly. Any class work is carried out in pairs or in a larger group.

Ready to learn a fast and an efficient

Speak French from day one!  You will build a solid foundation in French with this comprehensive introductory French immersion programme. This course starts on specifics dates.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Register now![/dt_highlight]

From 9.30 to 12.30
Monday through Friday

15 hours/ week
2 weeks program

6 students maximum



The extensive program gives the opportunity to grammar points and

vocabulary associated with each level, to [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]discover French culture[/dt_highlight] and

to [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]practice what has been learned[/dt_highlight], both in speaking and in writing.

 These lessons enable you to communicate with ease in various real life situations.

They are aimed at all those wanting to make fast progress in French. Listening and speaking are strongly encouraged (discussions about the news, using French newspapers, role plays etc.).

From 9.30 to 12.30
Monday through Friday

15 hours/ week
(20 lessons)

8 students maximum

(+ 1-3 weeks)

(+ 4-11 weeks)

(+ 12 weeks)

french courses in bordeaux
french courses in bordeaux


How it works?

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]…Whenever you like[/dt_highlight]

Private lessons can be scheduled anytime between 7am- 9pm every day,

including Saturday. There is a 90 minute minimum duration for classes.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]…Wherever you like[/dt_highlight]

Your home, workplace, or a Darwin school rooms can serve as your classroom.

Having the city of Bordeaux as your classroom is also a popular option: you’ll

learn French in real-life situations as you and your teacher explore the city.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]… As often as you like[/dt_highlight]

From 9.30 to 12.30

And from 13.30 to 15.00

Monday through Friday

22,5 hours/week
(30 lessons)

8 students maximum

(+ 1-3 weeks)

(+ 4-11 weeks)

(+ 12 weeks)


Combined lessons allow you to[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””] do French lessons in mini-group[/dt_highlight] (in the

mornings) and either [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]one-to-one lessons[/dt_highlight] or excursions in the afternoon.

You can therefore decide on a bespoke timetable. While the group lessons

facilitate quick progression thanks to much interaction with the other students,

the one-to-one lessons will allow you to look at the areas you wish to [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]develop [/dt_highlight]

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””] you’re knowledge in a deeper way.[/dt_highlight]No need to learn about French food in a book – you can learn while wandering the Marché des Chartrons with your teacher. In this way, fashion lovers can schedule a lesson in Quai des marques the ideal place to go shopping and enjoy a drink on a café terrace overlooking the Garonne.

Anytime ( even on Saturday )

Up to you!

1 student


370€ Package of 10 hours

700€ Package of 20hours

french courses in bordeaux
french courses in bordeaux


Blended Learning is [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]the ideal mix[/dt_highlight] of learning with a teacher and learning with

digital teaching aids. These sources of learning fit perfectly together for

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]maximum efficiency.[/dt_highlight]

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Step 1:[/dt_highlight] individual and personalised preparation with a SPOC (Small Private

Online Course)[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””] available 24/7[/dt_highlight] on our fun, cleverly-designed learning platform

online. An efficient and [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]fun learning process[/dt_highlight] with videos, audio, role plays,

quizzes, and more!

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Step 2 :[/dt_highlight] Private French lesson with a native-speaking teacher. Based on the

student’s individual results, the teacher adapts his lessons to respond to the

student’s knowledge and objectives to guarantee optimum progress

(face-to-face, via video-conference or by telephone).

SPOC lessons whenever you want

Private lessons in the afternoon or evening

From 15hours/week
SPOC lessons

2 weekly private lessons

1 student

According to the amount of private lessons taken


This program is [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]ideal for au-pair working in host families[/dt_highlight] or for people who

work intraday. In order to offer our students more flexibility, we offer daytime

and evening classes. [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]It fits 100% to your availability[/dt_highlight] because  you choose which

days you want to come.

From 9.30 to 12.30
Monday through Friday

Every evening from 18h30 to 20h30

10 hours/ week

6 students maximum

(1 – 3 weeks)

110€ / week
(4 – 11 weeks)

(+ 12 weeks)



The intensive program is to [dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=”#B45B93″]learn French faster[/dt_highlight] all day with the objective of

practicing French during the “conversation” and “writing” workshops. We focus on hands-on and practical training experience.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=”#B45B93″]21 hours per week[/dt_highlight] of French courses in group

From 9. 30 to 12.30

And 1 or 10 Private lessons in the afternoon or evening

Monday through Friday

16 hours/ week

8 students maximum

According to the amount of private lessons taken

french courses bordeaux

french courses bordeaux

french courses bordeaux