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learn french in Bordeaux

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learn French in Bordeaux


This programme is for foreign French teachers, whether experienced or recently qualified, who want to consolidate their teaching skills, explore the latest methodologies for teaching French and deepen their knowledge of French culture and contemporary France. The teacher will adjust the course content to take into account the specific needs of each participant, based on their teaching experience and cultural background (a questionnaire is sent before the course in order to analyse participants’ requirements). The participants will use their existing knowledge to learn new teaching techniques and methodologies.



This course is designed for foreign language teachers and focuses on techniques to implement advanced teaching plans effectively.This course looks at a variety of innovative language teaching strategies and methods: From building student confidence, to fun and interactive ways to teach grammar this course will teach you effective classroom management and language usage. The aim is to help language teachers create stimulating language lessons for any kind of learner using cutting edge language techniques. This course also focuses on the use of technology in the language classroom & will give you ideas on how to use CLIL to increase the attainment of students. The course also contains informal/ “insitu” learning in the form of cultural activities as well as international networking opportunities for teachers to mix with other teachers from all over the EU.


This course is designed for teachers who are interested in learning how to integrate different technologies into their classroom to aid in learning.

The course provides English language teachers with practical techniques and approaches for teaching English as a second language. It covers activities for listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as showing you how you can use technology to help with English language learning.

Recent graduates
3 to
2 days to
Academic and professional staff

How does it work?

Students can study abroad for three to 12 months or do a traineeship (work placement) abroad for two to 12 months in total per academic cycle

Recent graduates can undertake a two to 12 month traineeship in selected countries, within 12 months of graduating. They must be selected by their HEI during their last year of study

Academic and professional staff can do a teaching placement abroad, or undertake training, job shadowing or observation. Activities can last from two days to two months.

learn French in Bordeaux
learn French in Bordeaux

Are you an apprentice?

As an apprentice or recent secondary vocational education graduate, you can also get an Erasmus+ internship grant during the year following your graduation. Your internship may last between 2 weeks and 12 months.

Are you a job seeker ?

Are you no longer a student but still wish to complete an international internship? You can get an Erasmus+ internship grant too.

We will provide:

French test upon registration

Workshops corresponding to your needs (Language curricula are set up by CEFR levels) and suitable with your working hours

Specific vocabulary and situations according to the participant profile and work immersion

Full support during the entire programme

A mid-term feed-back questionnaire sent to participants in order to evaluate their satisfaction and eventually amendments to be done.

At the end of the curriculum, a language assessment and Training attestation is done , validated by an official Certification : Bright-FLE

learn French in Bordeaux

Professional courses

Professional French Courses for French companies, OPCA & Pôle Emploi

We know how daunting it can be to work for a French company when you are a foreign national. The key to settling down in France is language fluency. It will help with every aspect of living and working here. Your company will benefit from having staff who can use their French with confidence.

Professional French Courses for business and working purposes

We can develop a programme that will suit your needs and equip you with the elements of the language that you require to make a mark in your industry. From the fundamentals of standard French through to the more complex, industry-specific vocabulary, our business French workshops will leave you feeling confident and ready to embark on the next professional adventure.
Our French business workshops will provide you with the ability to :

Improve your job-seeking (respond to a recruitment ad, write your resume and cover letter, prepare and pass your interview…

Develop a now technical vocabulary related to your activity

Understand the French corporate culture, French companies operating, life in France

Acquire know-how, interpersonal skills and linguistic tools to understand and interact with your co-workers, your line management, your clients (hosting business visitors, phoning, speaking out in public, handling a meeting professionaly, asking appropriate questions…)

Negociate and set out your arguments

Manage your timetable (make an appointment, prepare a business trip, take part in a business lunch …)

learn French in Bordeaux

Specific needs

Prepare your naturalization interview

Learn and improve your knowledge of French culture, history and values. Practise your French in preparation for the usual questions asked by the Prefecture representatives.

The French language test goes all the way from A1 to C2, as not all people take it to acquire nationality. For nationality you need B1 level.

Help for appointments and procedures

Phone calling, hairdresser or shopping can be a tricky adventure when you don’t speak the langage! We can also help you to register to health care, open a dedicated bank account, validate your residence permit and more according to your needs.

learn French Bordeaux

learn french bordeaux

learn french bordeaux

learn french bordeaux

learn french bordeaux

learn french bordeaux