What are these expressions from Bordeaux ?

I / “Gavé” :

This word is really famous here in Bordeaux because it is really used, especially by young people, to mean something like “very”. You may have already heard “c’est gavé bien !” meaning it is really good. Though young people use it all the time they did not invent it. It comes from an old language called “le bordeluche”. It is derived from the occitan. It was brought by people coming from Spain and Portugal. It is an expression that is rather informal so it is better to only use it with friends and family. But I am sure that you will hear it a lot here in Bordeaux !



II / “Aller au maille” : What are these expressions from Bordeaux ?

You may, or may not have heard this expression. The people here in Bordeaux would use it to talk about going to work or working in general. People can say something like “I am going to work : je vais au maille” or even “I have to go back to work : je retourne au maille”. Sometimes it can mean that you do not really want to, but you have to!

This expression comes from the original language of Bordeaux which is “le brodeluche”. It comes from the occitan language which was the language of the region.


III / “Avoir les monges” :

The people here in Bordeaux use this expression to say, for instance : “j’ai un oral cet après-midi, j’ai les monges !” Or even “je pars en voyage seul, les monges !”

It is used to say “I am afraid”. And you will not be surprised but obviously this expression also comes from this old language, le bordeluche !


IV / “Ça daille” : What are these expressions from Bordeaux ?

Also coming from the occitan, “ça daille” or even “ça me daille” or “ça te daille” is an expression that means that something is annoying, that something bothers you.

When French people say “ça craint”, the people from Bordeaux say “ça daille” ! For instance, “il n’y a plus de cannelés, ça daille” !!French in Bordeaux