Well-known expressions in France

“Rester” means “to stay”, “sur” would be “on” and “sa faim” means “your hunger”. Does it tell you something? Does it make you hungry? Don’t stop reading, we hope you won’t stay “sur ta faim”!

The meaning of this turn of phrase

Yes! You guessed it, we use this expression when we have big expectations of something but these aren’t fulfilled. In other words, you feel kind of disappointed. “Rester sur sa faim” literally means to stay hungry and it can be used this way, but we have to think of it as an expression of not being totally pleased with something.

When did we start using it?

Like many French “expressions imagées”, this one started being used back in the Middle Ages. Indeed, as it is pictured in the books and the movies, at that time big banquets were organized for all sorts of events. It was mandatory to have tables full of food to satisfy every guest’s appetite. When nobles finished eating but were still hungry, people considered the feast a total disaster. Do you agree with this precept? When you have a family dinner, are you often satisfied?

How can I employ it?

Since it’s an expression that can be used in its literal and figurative way, you’ll have two options :

How do you say “rester sur sa faim” in the language(s) you speak?

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Well-known expressions in France

Well-known expressions in France