French humour

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about French humour. Surely like other countries, it is something that is really present in the life of people but maybe even more for French people. 

If you ask them how their humour is, they could probably say that it is quite bad. Meaning the jokes can be funny but they are not the best. Maybe this is what everyone thinks about the humour of their own country, who knows. 

The first example of French humour is dark humour. It may not be specifically French but we really use it. For instance, French people do really like to make jokes talking about things that can be difficult, taboo subjects and things we don’t really talk about normally or only with close people. It can be, in a way, making fun of certain people, certain groups of people. Why use this type of humour? I don’t really know but I think it’s a way to make fun, talk about certain subjects by making it seem like a joke. Because France is a country where people do gather around the dinner table to talk, but so many subjects are kind of taboo except if you really know the person and even sometimes we don’t talk about it. For instance politics, money, etc… . But the thing with dark humour is that some people really love it and some people don’t. 

Then, we can say we have lots of humorists who are able to make so many people laugh in their own way. Of course people laugh about different things but we can say that the most popular humorists in France are the ones that talk about real life and how things are in reality but also things we say, do, or feel but that we don’t especially express. I think we can be pretty shy and hide our emotions out there. The fact that some humorists are able to express what we feel and get out these emotions that we have but don’t talk about it makes it funny and seems less important, we feel that we can laugh about it. 

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