Faire la fine bouche

Hello and welcome back to “Expressions bien de chez nous”! What do you think this new expression means? Does it have to do with making your mouth smaller? Is it some kind of grimace? Let’s find out! The origins of th expression Back in the XV century, we referred to people who were difficult when […]

En faire voir de toutes les couleurs

Welcome back to “Expressions bien de chez nous”! Remember the expression of last week, well, we haven’t changed the topic. Today, you’ll learn about another mean expression. Where does it come from? This expression first appeared in the second half of the XIX century and rests on the image of the chromatic circle that contains […]

Faire porter le chapeau

Bonjour et bienvenue dans notre rubrique “Expressions bien de chez nous”! Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to a new expression that is maybe less cool than the other…Let’s find out why. What does it mean? This expression is composed of two verbs: the first one is “faire” (to make) and the second […]

Rouler sur l’or

This one goes to the greedy ones. No, we’re just kidding! Welcome to “Expressions bien de chez nous” and get ready for this new ride! Like every week, we’ll give you the tools to understand this expression and its origins! How did this expression originate? A car that rolls on a golden road? This is […]

Avoir la chair de poule

Welcome again to “Expressions bien de chez nous”. Today we bring to you the expression “Avoir la chair de poule”. Indeed, it has to do with chickens, but not in a literal way. Let’s find out its meaning. The origins of this turn of phrase The temperature goes down, you’re cold. You listen to a […]

Connaître (quelque chose ou quelqu’un) comme sa poche

Now you must be an expert of French expressions, aren’t you? We think you know the expressions “comme ta poche”. Keep on reading this article from “Expressions bien de chez nous” and let us know if we were right. The meaning of this turn of phrase Let’s start by breaking down the phrase. The verb […]

Une fois n’est pas coutume

Today we are changing the structure of this article. We decided that it’s fine to change our habits, at least for once. Welcome to “Expressions bien de chez nous” where you’ll discover a new French expression and this time you’ll find its meaning starting with the examples. How and when do we use this expression? […]

Avoir quelque chose sur le bout de la langue

We wanted to tell you something, we…ummm…We forgot. Well, in the meantime, welcome to “Expressions bien de chez nous” and let’s hope we will remember what we had to tell you, we just need a little time to remember. What does “Avoir quelque chose sur le bout de la langue” mean? This new expression has […]

C’est la fin des haricots

We’re happy to welcome you again to our section “Expressions bien de chez nous”. Take a seat and enjoy the ride! Today we will share some knowledge with you about an expression that is not very old. The origins Even if this widespread expression looks like it is from the Middle Ages, it is quite […]

C’est tiré par les cheveux

Hello and welcome again to “Expressions bien de chez nous”! Today you’ll learn about the expression “C’est tiré par les cheveux”. It has two main words, “Tirer” which means to pull and “cheveux” that means hair. Are you getting a picture of what it is? Let’s find out if you guessed it! The history of […]