French in Bordeaux school is focused on giving you the best experience in learning French language. We not only provide a wide range of different courses, meeting all your expectations, we also can find you an accommodation you need. We offer a few different types of accommodation in Bordeaux.

Accommodation in Bordeaux depending on your financial plan

Our school is situated in the heart of Bordeaux, what makes the perfect place to study French whilst experiencing life in a lively and exiting location. We offer a few different types of accommodation in Bordeaux depending on your age and financial plan, including following: university residences, hotel, apart-hotel or host family, all located close to our school and accessible within 30 minutes by bus, tram, bike or on foot.

 university residences

If you are an international student or exchange student, and you wish to apply for a room in the university residence, there are few things are required to be done, but nothing to be worried about, we are here to help you with all the paperwork and any other assistance and support you may need.

Accommodation in Bordeaux : hotels or apart-hotels

If you wish for more independence, we offer a great selection of hotels or apart-hotels, all depending on your needs. Whether you come alone or with a friend, this option allows you to live in your own peace. You can prepare your own food, invite your friends and experience life the way you desire.

Accommodation in Bordeaux : host families

Another option you may be interested in is a host family. Home staying is the perfect way to experience home-away-from-home. You can enjoy all the comforts of home life, like security, home cooked food, plus, you have a unique cultural experience, which will give you an opportunity to learn about French culture. In addition, you will be able to use your French in a natural environment outside of the classroom.